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ROOM 6.20

Released on July, 2020


Psychoanalysis, art, and poetry make visible and expand the boundaries of our psychic reality and so the world. But what happens when those boundaries fracture? When we are on top of each other and oceans apart? When days merge and space contracts? When inner and outer reality converge on a pixilation screen? Just this. We must create a new path forward. (…)


Julia-Flore Alibert • Daniela Andronache • Giuseppina Antinucci • Lee Ascherman • Stefania Baresic • Lesley Caldwell • Joseph A. Cancelmo • Bernard Chervet • Tiffany Chu • William F. Cornell • Viviane Chetrit-Vatine • Ronald Davies • Simonetta Diena • Michael Diamond • Miriam DeRiso • Cristina Escudero • Laura Ribeiro Ferreira • Yehuda Fraenkel • Elizabeth Goren • Joachim Kuchenhoff • Dinah Mendes • Kate Muldowny • Rosemarie Nassif • Marc Nemiroff • Justyna Pawłowska • Gianpiero Petriglieri • Juan Pinetta • Bartosz Puk • David Rosenfeld • Cosimo Schinaia • Gertraud Schlesinger-Kipp • Harvey Schwartz • Alice Lowe Shaw • Irina Sizikova • Julia Roy-Stablein • Manuela Tosti • Drew Tillotson • Elizabeth Trawick • Brian Wu • Ümit Eren Yurtsever • Carmen Cuenca Zavala  • Poets: Kate Angus • Nan Cohen • Eugene Mahon • Marc Alan Di Martino • Amy Miller • Galit Hasan • Rokem • Jeneva Stone • Jeffrey Thomson • Artists: Enrique Enriquez • Linda Louis • Susan Luss • Rafael Silveira

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ROOM 10.20

Released on October, 2020

Editorial: Re-Vision

For Freud, nearing the end of his life, the fateful question for the human species came down to whether and to what extent our cultural development would succeed in mastering the disturbance our aggressive and self-destructive instincts inflict upon our communal life.

“Men,” he wrote in the last sentences of Civilization and its Discontents, “have gained control over the forces of nature to such an extent that with their help they would have no difficulty exterminating one another to the last man. They know this and hence comes a large part of their current unrest, their unhappiness, and their mood of anxiety. And now it is to be expected that the other of the two ‘heavenly powers,’ eternal Eros, will make an effort to assert himself in the struggle with his equally immortal adversary.” Eros’s immortal adversary, Thanatos, was life’s somber and inexorable drive toward death. Two years later, in 1931 as Hitler ascended to power, Freud went back to this paragraph and added one last line, “But who can foresee with what success and with what result? (…)


C. Jama Adams • Aremu Adams Adebisi • Rocío Barcellona • Daisy Bassen • Marcia Black • Eric Chasalow • Paula Coomer • Daniel Derderian • Fang Duan • Linda Emanuel • Richard Grose • Gabriel Heller • Mohamad Kebbewar • Omer Leshem • Joshua Maserow • Dinah Mendes • Maryam Omidi • Margarita Serafimova • Lara Sheehi • Shreya Varma • Caroline Volel

ROOM Cover 2.20 issue

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ROOM 2.20

Released on February, 2020

Editorial: Tremors

“To be stupefied,” Jared Russell explains in his provocative essay Stupidity, “is to regress in the face of the unexpected, to have one’s critical faculties paralyzed.” The contributors to ROOM 2.20 may be terrified and even heartbroken in the face of the unexpected, but they are not stupefied. They have some very clear ideas that we need to hear. They are telling us that we are living on a fault of our own making that is bigger than the San Andreas, and we are feeling the tremors. Each of these authors are telling us how, when facts and reason hold no sway, when fear, anger, and yes, even love render us numb or blind, we are failing spectacularly and tragically to live up to our humanity. (…)


Sheldon Bach • Chris Bell • Daniel Benveniste • Ofra Bloch • Kate Daniels • Michael Diamond • Daniel José Gaztambide • William W. Harris • Michael McAndrew • Elizabeth Herman McKamy • Zak Mucha • Daniel Rosengart • Jared Russell • Gary Senecal • Aneta Stojnić • Juan Pablo Valdivieso Blanco